Globelink Ünimar Introduces its New Business Intelligence Product
  • July 27, 2022
  • News

Globelink Ünimar has introduced its new business intelligence product UNIBOX BI. Aiming to increase efficiency in operational processes in the first stage, UNIBOX BI aims to take customer relations to a new level where it will strengthen them with data in the second stage.

A new business intelligence application developed for the logistics industry has been introduced by Globelink Ünimar. Globelink Ünimar, which offers end-to-end integrated logistics solutions to its customers, has introduced the first phase of UNIBOX BI, a new Business intelligence and CRM application. The application, which will be used in the management processes of Globelink Ünimar in the new period, will provide support to efficiency, rapid decision-making and strategy setting points.

All Activities will be Gathered Together in One Panel

UNIBOX BI, which facilitates logistics processes by analyzing big data, offers comprehensive process management from KPI Management to increasing sales performance and from statistical analysis to data visualization.

The CRM section of UNIBOX BI, which is still working, aims to provide solutions to customers in all processes from the proposal stage to demand management, reporting and after-sales services.

Globelink Ünimar Executive Committee Member (Information Technologies) Ms. Ayfer Saltan Oladi has made the following statement about UNIBOX BI: “As Globelink Ünimar, we have launched our UNIBOX BI project by adding a new one to our many digital transformation projects such as getting a price quote, online freight tracking, and credit card payment service on the website that we started before the pandemic and released it. With this application, we will move to a structure that can take quick decisions, focus on efficiency and support strategy development by evaluating processes at every stage of the operation with the support of artificial intelligence.”


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