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    Numerous innovations in transportation have emerged with the advancements of technology. We can define transportation as the quick and safe delivery of cargo from one point to another.

    One of the most commonly preferred methods of transportation is highway transportation. A highway transportation system is the conveyance of goods from one place to another by land routes. Due to the opportunity for fast delivery and affordable prices between short distances, it is commonly preferred in Turkey. As Globelink Ünimar, we can demonstrate the advantages of highway transportation as listed:

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    Documentation Required for Highway Transportation

    Certain documentation is required to be prepared for road transportation. The documents used in road transportation to carry out the required procedures can be listed as:

    The documents used in road transportation to carry out the required procedures can be listed as:

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    Forwarder’s Receipt

    The document prepared by freight forwarders.

    Parcel Post Receipt

    The document prepared by the postal authorities in the event of postal delivery.

    TIR Carnet

    The document containing information on the truck such as the license plate, the firm it is owned by, gross and lightweight.

    FIATA Acceptance Documents

    To receive non-negotiable documents, membership to FIATA is required. After the process of becoming a member has been going through, this document can qualify as a forwarder’s receipt. The original document is delivered to the exporting party after the arrival of the cargo.

    CMR Documentation

    Commonly used, this document qualifies as an international road transportation agreement. It is the consignment between the transportation of the countries that have signed the Convention Merchandise Router. It indicates that the wares have been transported according to the agreed terms; it can be used as legal evidence. Of the three original documents the first one is given to the loader firm, the second one is transported with the cargo and the third one given to the hauler. In addition to Turkey, countries such as Germany, Greece, Italy, UK, Russia, Belgium, Azerbaijan also take place as members. These documents are required to perform highway transportation transactions.

    Partial Road Freight

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    Listed among the types of road transportation, partial highway transportation is a common method used both in national and international shipping.

    Partial transportation is the act of hauling the cargo of more than one client on the same route at once. In this method, wares belonging to different customers are carried in the same container or wagon. Delivery cars, trucks, lorries and rigs are used for this method of transportation.

    Road transport cost calculators are used by taking the weight and the scale of the cargo into consideration. The calculation of partial load in cubic meters is done as “width x length x height x quantity.” In highway transport, 1 cubic meter of tonnage is considered 333 kilograms. Partial shipping provided within the national borders of Turkey is considered intercity partial transport. On the other hand, partial shipping originating from Turkey to other countries is called partial export trucking, while shipping originating from other countries to Turkey is called partial import trucking. Partial delivery provides a considerable advantage if the cargo is not enough to fill the transport vehicle. As Globelink Unimar, we provide savings in both time and cost by delivering cargo to multiple clients with one transfer vehicle. We have developed a service policy that ensures better customer satisfaction by combining the practicality and flexibility of highway transportation. We continue to increase our coverage zone with direct and transit routes by widening our network through the efficient utilization of speed and low-cost advantages. We provide our clients with momentary information and reports while conducting simultaneous road freight operations both international and interprovincial. This way, the client has easy access to any kind of information about the cargo which prevents any kind of setback. Additionally, the administration of the client on their cargo strengthens the foundations of a reliance-based relation.

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    Multimodal Transportation

    Another commonly preferred method of road logistics is multimodal transportation. This method allows the cargo to be carried by one or more transport vehicles. During this process, the contains of the container is never unloaded, it is transferred from one vehicle to another. In this transportation model, several vehicles work integrated. This system allows land, sea, rail and airline transportation methods to work accordingly with each other. In this way, saving time and cost is aimed. Additionally, since the cargo does not come into human contact, high sanitation and security levels are achieved. Another benefit of this method of transportation is the convenient haulage of equipment such as trains by ships or tractors by trucks. Also, multiple transportation companies can be involved in carrying the cargo. This creates competition, increases inspections and presents various pricing; resulting in a safer transportation process. The regulation of loading and transportation processes provides a fixed price by enabling the monitorization of the operation. This method is also commonly preferred due to its resistance to various weather conditions. As low costs and practical means of transportation are provided, this method is commonly put to use by leading logistics companies. Since it enables multiple means of transportation, %75 percent less carbon-dioxide emission is achieved. It demonstrates an environment-friendly transportation model as it decreases the carbon footprint.

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    Ro-Ro Transport

    There are various other methods used in the highway transportation system. Ro-Ro shipping which stands for “Roll on and Roll off” is a method of transportation of wheeled vehicles from one place to another by ship. It is initially used for the transportation of small Ro-Ro vehicles like regular cars. Through years, this practical and much-preferred system evolved into the usage of Ro-Ro specialized ships. This type of transportation also allows the passengers of the vehicles to spend a part of their travels on sea routes. It is mostly preferred for international travel due to its low cost and safe nature. Additionally, it allows us to avoid problems such as visa issues, waiting at border gates and outdated clearance certificates. Moreover, the loading and unloading processes take significantly less time. The three types of cargo that are hauled by this method can be named as static, towable and self-propelled. These can include:

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    Static Loads

    Boats, construction equipment, tow trucks, containers, tanks

    Towable Loads

    Trailers, yachts, mobile concrete plants

    Self-propelled Loads

    Automobiles, tractor units, trucks, construction vehicles, mobile cranes.

    As Globelink Ünimar, we have evolved the transportation of automobiles and tractor units into a more practical way by using this method. Due to the processes of draining the fuel tanks and disconnecting battery connections, a significant amount of time was wasted in the former methods. With the developments of recent technologies and innovations, the loading process of Ro-Ro shipping has become considerably easier. In addition to the loading process without refueling and battery disconnecting, transportation of this type of cargo has become more convenient.

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    In addition to the service given to our customers by our expert staff and operational teams, we place high importance on giving the information and details they require about maritime transportation.

    Our Key Account administration department provides specialized services to each individual customer through the management of the operational process, system integration and documentation. Providing unconditional customer services by making fast, reliable and punctual documentation deliveries is another one of our primary policies.

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    Highway Transportation

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