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    Online shopping is preferred by many people, especially in recent years. Logistics services have great importance in the e-commerce sector, where all needs, especially clothing, technology and food, can be provided. The e-commerce and logistics sector should work in harmony with each other so that the products are delivered to the users at the desired time and there is no problem with product delivery. One of the concepts created by the two integrated sectors is known as e-commerce logistics.

    This concept, which is valuable for both the logistics and e-commerce sector, is directly proportional to managing the inventories of e-commerce companies. The stock control and storage operations of e-commerce companies that offer an online shopping environment to their users become more manageable with the support of a logistics company. By the warehouse management system called "WMS" within the structure of the logistics company, it is possible for the products on the e-commerce site to reach the consumer in a timely and quality manner.

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    By the technology, productivity software, expertise and workforce experience used by logistics companies, the process of reaching the consumer with the products are effectively managed.

    E-commerce sites can gain customer satisfaction advantage with the partnership they will develop with the logistics company experienced in the sector. As a result of the partnership with the logistics company, growth will be seen in e-commerce sites in addition to customer satisfaction. E-commerce sites operating in more than one product range need support in inventory management as they keep their product networks quite wide. For this reason, it will be possible for logistics companies to professionally carry out inventory management by getting support from industry experience.

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    In order to observe inventory movements and to carry out the logistics process correctly, companies must establish cooperation with logistics companies by making various investments in e-commerce logistics.

    E-commerce companies can meet their e-commerce logistics needs by collaborating with logistics companies to achieve their growth and customer satisfaction goals. Logistics companies, which take part in the processes of the product from the supplier to the end consumer, can work with many local and international suppliers. This process, which also includes customs and storage procedures, basically starts with taking the products into stock. E-commerce companies in which the logistics company cooperates can achieve savings in various areas. As a result of the joint use of managed warehouses for e-commerce companies, cost savings for customers come into question. In addition to cost savings, time savings are also achieved by-products supplied from the same warehouse.

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    Ultimate consumer satisfaction advantage by e-commerce logistics:

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    There are various advantages of e-commerce logistics for both customers and the industry.

    Globelink Ünimar, with its strong technological infrastructure, effectively manages processes from storing products, tracking stock status, handling, packaging and delivery to end consumers. In a company with the fully automated warehouse technologies used by the logistics company, the period of storage of the products in the warehouse is expected to end in a quality manner. The logistics sector, which also effectively performs stock management, also contributes to the increase in customer satisfaction of e-commerce companies.

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    One of the advantages of having strong e-commerce logistics for companies is expressed as final consumer satisfaction.

    Logistics companies also support the e-commerce companies they cooperate with to be effective in the sector by offering this advantage. Recently, users who prefer to shop online from e-commerce sites wait for service with various requests during the waiting period after purchasing the products. From the e-commerce company to the moment of receiving their products, customers can request fast, accurate information flow and continuous delivery. Products ordered electronically are controlled by logistics companies. After the product flow is controlled, it is directed to the management center and the product flow is evaluated. After the approval of the product, the work order is issued by the logistics company. In order for the product to reach the customer, it is expected to be ready for delivery bypassing from the warehouse to the loading line. After the transaction is reported to the center, it will be possible to evaluate the process, which includes the delivery of the product to the end consumer, under the name of e-commerce logistics. .

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    Another important factor in e-commerce logistics based on customer satisfaction is expressed as the return process.

    Since e-commerce continues in the process that occurs after the customer purchases the product, the return of the product is also included in the logistics operation process.

    Globelink Ünimar offers a successful e-commerce logistics service by managing the returns process with the return management system it offers. It is also very important that the stages such as removing the product ordered by the customer from the e-commerce site, making it ready for delivery and delivering it can be monitored by the customer. In e-commerce logistics, making these processes traceable through the system is a necessary step in terms of ensuring end-customer satisfaction. Globelink Ünimar maintains customer satisfaction in all processes, including the last mile solutions that the product reaches the customer.

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    E-Commerce Logistics Solutions Compatible with Customers

    As a result of the increasing preference for online shopping, the responsibility of logistics companies has also increased. Due to the increase in consumer demand and the growth of the e-commerce sector, the workload of the logistics sector is also increasing. E-commerce companies and logistics solution partners can manage e-commerce logistics by working in harmony in order to avoid problems in reaching the consumers. By e-commerce logistics, it becomes possible to effectively manage intensive logistics processes.

    E-commerce companies that cooperate with the logistics sector work in harmony with their customers by offering full integration to their customers under the name of e-commerce logistics.

    It also includes stages such as full integration, basket merging, single or multiple orders, deleting the product canceled by the customer, timely delivery of the product in stock, and invoice transactions. In addition to full integration, the processes of systematic tracking of the product by dispatching the right product in a limited time are also carried out within the scope of logistics operations. E-commerce companies, which have a wide product network, cooperate with logistics service providers and eliminate the possibility of problems during the delivery of the products. The process, managed with the principles of transparency and accuracy, contributes to the creation of customer satisfaction by supporting smooth delivery. In addition, it is also possible to determine a logistics process suitable for the customer in e-commerce logistics. As the return and complaint management processes are handled within the scope of the services provided by e-commerce logistics, the logistics continues the control process of return and complaint management.

    Contributing to the collection of online orders and effective stock management, e-commerce logistics is involved in many processes, including packaging of products and delivery to the last mile.

    It also supports the good management of the process by undertaking the processes related to the storage and shipping of the products. Transactions such as entering the products that can be brought from different points of the world into the system and ensuring that they are delivered to the right place are also evaluated within the scope of e-commerce logistics. E-commerce logistics starts from the moment the products are moved from the manufacturer. The logistics process continues until the moment the product is delivered to the customer. It is also possible to manage the return process of the product delivered to the customer within the logistics. Critically important areas in e-commerce logistics include inventory management, warehousing, stock, order fulfillment, packaging and delivery. All these components alone cover processes that are extremely important. For this reason, ensuring that components, which are of great importance in e-commerce logistics work together smoothly, are some of the e-logistics solutions offered by Globelink Ünimar with its sectoral experience. During the e-commerce logistics process, establishing a distribution center close to the region where the customer base is concentrated is among the alternatives. In this distribution center, it should check whether the e-commerce company has sufficient stock levels. Especially, it has great importance for customer satisfaction to manage the density that will occur in various campaigns, special days and holiday periods by e-commerce sites in the most effective way. Any communication interruption in the supply chain or disruption of the application flow can have a negative impact on the customer experience.

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    From Online Shopping Cart to Customer: E-commerce Logistics

    By e-commerce logistics, which can also be expressed as a modern logistics chain, it is possible to deliver the products ordered by the customers as soon as possible. With the development of e-commerce day by day, the shopping habits of consumers have also changed. There are 5 basic factors for online shopping made via e-commerce to reach the customer from the basket. The five key factors include suppliers, fulfillment centers, distribution centers, sorting facilities, and distributors. The part called suppliers or producers is expressed as the first part where logistics services start. The procurement part, which is considered as the starting point for e-commerce logistics, indicates that the inventory to be sent is ready. As a result of naming companies with ready inventory as suppliers, the products must be produced and supplied to the seller company after the purchase order is placed. The processes of fulfilling these transactions or sending them to the distribution center are also carried out under the control of the logistics companies.

    The second important factor in e-commerce logistics is referred to as order fulfillment centers.

    Fulfillment centers include large or local warehouses that keep inventory close to the end consumer. At the same time, order fulfillment centers are advantageous for fast delivery to customers. Each order must be packaged and shipped as soon as it is received in order to offer fast delivery to customers. Fulfillment centers can be an e-commerce business or a professional retail fulfillment center serving many brands. This center can be described as a third-party logistics service provider.

    The third factor that is important in e-commerce logistics is known as distribution centers.

    Large or small e-commerce retailers should have distribution centers in many different locations for orders sent both directly to the consumer and from business to business. At this point, it is possible to cooperate with Globelink Ünimar, who is extremely successful and experienced in the field of logistics. Companies can keep all of their products at the same point, as well as use distribution centers spread across many locations. The establishment of local distribution centers is preferred day by day, as having all of the stocks in one place may lead to long delivery times or more costly logistics processes. Another alternative is to open a separate facility for the packaging and e-commerce storage needs of product orders that reach directly to the consumer. Sorting facilities are expressed as the 4th important factor of e-commerce logistics. Sorting facilities serving large-scale e-commerce stores accommodate the products of more than one company at the same time. It contributes to effective order management by transporting bulk product quantities of e-commerce stores. Carriers, which are expressed as the last link of the chain, are the fifth factor that is important for e-commerce logistics.

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    How to Be Successful in E-commerce Logistics?

    E-commerce networks developing in line with the increasing demand have also contributed to the development of e-commerce logistics. The logistics network of companies that want to be successful in the field of e-commerce logistics must also be efficient. Logistics technologies, resources and experienced experts in the sector that are effectively applied will be sufficient for the logistics network to be efficient. Distribution of orders is important for success in e-commerce logistics. It is possible to achieve success in e-commerce logistics after effectively implementing warehouse management systems. By these systems, warehouse performance is monitored and warehouse processes are improved. Reporting processes in e-commerce logistics are also necessary to be successful in this area. Long-term improvement is achieved as a result of reporting situations such as not delivering orders on time, company cost per order, and invalid shipping costs. With the right reporting technology, it is possible to optimize the supply chain in the best way and to save excess costs.

    Correctly managed e-commerce logistics provides companies with high benefits.

    By the partnership called third-party logistics, there is an increase in the success of the companies. E-commerce brands can optimize the supply chain in cooperation with Globelink Ünimar. As a result, with the improvements in key performance indicators, customer satisfaction is also increased to higher levels. Products purchased from e-commerce marketplaces must be sent to the customer within the specified delivery time, in order for the customer to obtain the product quickly. For this reason, companies that provide fast shipping services increase both the success of the sector and customer satisfaction. Thanks to the distributed inventory, it becomes possible for the orders to reach the consumer faster.

    Accurate reporting is required to observe beneficial and non-beneficial factors in the supply chain.

    To achieve success in e-commerce logistics, it is necessary to find a solution to the better returns processing part. Retrieving returns from the e-commerce section to the inventory will be time-consuming and costly. Thanks to modern e-commerce logistics, it is cost-effective to get returned items back to the inventory. In order to get an e-commerce logistics service for an e-commerce store, it is necessary to work in partnership with companies that have expert staff in their field.

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    By collaborating with Globelink Ünimar, a powerful integrated logistics service provider,

    you can maximize your efficiency in your e-commerce logistics services. Globelink Ünimar offers all necessary solutions for e-commerce logistics thanks to its experience in the logistics sector, innovative approach and advanced logistics technologies.


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