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    One of the various transportation methods you can choose for your intercity and international transfer needs is air freight transportation.

    Airway transportation is one of the fastest and most practical alternatives among transfer methods thanks to the technological possibilities that are developing today. Thanks to our large airline goods transportation services, you can carry your cargo with Globelink Unimar assurance while taking your place in the international trade network.

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    Air transportation services

    Considering the question of what is logistics air transportation services, it can be said that this private transfer service means the realization of logistics services by air transportation vehicles. Logistics airline transportation, which Globelink Ünimar offers with high quality, speed and reliability standards, means that product transfers are made to many points of the world on the same day. With its expert staff in the field of Globelink Unimar, its widespread agency network and its consolidation experience gained over many years, it takes ideally all the transfer materials that its customers need to deliver to long distances in a short time.

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    As Globelink Ünimar, we care about diversification in our airline transportation services that we offer to our corporate customers. For this reason, starting from small cargoes, we are able to respond quickly to all your airline transportation needs, including charter aircraft shipments on a large basis.

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    Regardless of your field of operation, we focus on providing low-cost advantages in the field of international airline logistics, as in all our transfer options, regarding your fast and economical transfer needs. In line with the sensitivity we have shown while establishing our boutique service system, we continue our works with a comprehensive network and strong international agreements in order to provide easy and accessible services to our customers. Obviously, as Globelink Ünimar, we confidently put our signature under every segment we succeed in. We focus on realizing our customers' expectations with our unconditional customer satisfaction understanding.

    Some of our air freight services include:

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    Consolidated Import and Export Transportations with Advantageous Prices Performed Regularly

    Project Transportation

    Transit Transport

    Charter and Multimodal Transportation Services

    Perishable Cargo Transportation

    Livestock Transportation

    Private Transfers

    On board carrier services

    Fast / Standard / Economic Service Types

    Experienced Operation Team

    Order Management and Cargo Tracking System

    (Key Account Management)

    Strong Agent Network Worldwide

    Door to Door Deliveries with a Strong Agent Network Worldwide, Document Delivery on Time

    Globelink Ünimar will be your solution partner when you want to deliver your products to long distances around the world, when you have time restrictions on document delivery and when you need support in distribution point management.

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    As Globelink Ünimar, we offer export and import opportunities for all airports that provide international trade services for our customers. Thanks to our extensive network, we deliver your products and documents to all corners of the world very quickly.

    We manage the necessary operational studies to get the desired result at the time you target.

    In our efforts to import and export the products of many small and large businesses, which have become part of the global economy, we look at our customer's business as our own. In addition, we focus on fulfilling the speed and care required by the economy world very precisely in airline transfer. In this sense, we offer advanced delivery solutions for your Handcarry and Time Critical needs. Handcarry transfer is a term commonly used for hand-held items. In our hand-carry transfer service that we provide for small size materials that need to be delivered to our customers anywhere in the world quickly, we also deliver the transported goods to the address. The fact that the concept of time-critical logistics gained importance especially with the globalization of the economy enabled us to carry out intensive studies on this concept. Since hours and even minutes are of great importance in the global economy, we focus on responding to your transfer needs with the performance you desire, which should be delivered quickly and time-oriented, whether small or large. We organize the time sensitivity of delivering our customers' products to their customers with our time-critical logistics management.

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    With our team specializing in air transport cargo types

    we can create the ideal system for any product to be transferred.

    Konteyner Elleçleme Görseli

    While we perform the perfect transfer of machines, sensitive materials, plants and live animals, valuable goods, special projects, we complete our successful operations in a way to provide a cost advantage for our customers. We provide extra cost advantages to our customers through special agreements we have made with our airlines and agents for import/export transportation and our experience of consolidation for many years.

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    Since our establishment, we have been working with our full power to ensure unconditional customer satisfaction, fast document delivery, and to save our customers both time and storage costs in our logistics processes.

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    Our priority service understanding is to produce solutions for needs, to help our customers stay in their own fields of activity such as production, marketing and sales and to act as solution partners by taking the logistics burden from them.

    Considering the advantages of air transport,
    we can list some of the benefits as follows:

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    Transport time

    Transport time is shorter compared to alternative transfer methods

    Transfer and handling

    Maximum safety standards in transfer and handling processes

    Operation process

    Due to the high number of alternatives, the operation process is more flexible and the process can be planned more comprehensively.

    Large materials

    Along with the transfer of large materials, small volume transfers can also be performed.

    Safe transfer

    Safe transfer of materials sensitive to impacts and jolts

    Cost advantage for various operations in export and import

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    As Globelink Ünimar, we aim to offer you all the advantages that airline transportation can provide to you among the companies that carry out air transportation. Our operation team provides you with the information you need by shaping the process from the point of delivery of the product or item to be delivered to the point of delivery,

    in the shortest time, with the lowest cost and the safest route. In this process, our team remains in the follow-up to instantly transfer the data you request until the delivery is completed.

    Globelink Ünimar also has focused on working systems in logistics. Our company, which has successfully established the regional airline transportation network, allows you to make the transfers that will be carried out between large and small cities in the fastest way with the relatively small airline transportation vehicles. During the day, we quickly take your small cargo that needs to be delivered to your staff or customer, and we deliver them within a short time.
    As an integrated logistics company with international comprehensive operational management power, we provide key account management with our customer representatives that we have specifically assigned to our customers. With our key account management department, we provide customer-oriented operational process management, system integration and reporting services. As a result, we strive to provide our customers with the confidence they desire in all import and export transfers from minimum to maximum.

    Customer services by making fast

    Unique as You

    In addition to the service given to our customers by our expert staff and operational teams, we place high importance on giving the information and details they require about maritime transportation.

    Our Key Account administration department provides specialized services to each individual customer through the management of the operational process, system integration and documentation. Providing unconditional customer services by making fast, reliable and punctual documentation deliveries is another one of our primary policies.

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    Airline Transportation

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