Integrated Logistics Services

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    With the rapid development of technology, many innovations continue to emerge in the logistics sector. Increasing professionalization in the sector has led to developments in the logistics and transportation sector. Along with the reflection of situations such as customer expectations and high costs on the business order, a new system that combines efficiency with low cost has been searched.

    Integrated logistics, which is one of these systems, has entered our lives as a system that helps complete logistic activities such as storage, customs clearance in the most accurate way. Situations such as shopping among the companies in the logistics chain, continuing transportation activities in order without affecting each other, providing and controlling the people in the chain, eliminating inefficiency in the process are among the integrated logistics management concepts. Integrated logistics services that not only deliver the product from one place to another but also ensure the smooth operation of the process, establish a connection between both the customer, the supplier and the service providers. As the whole process progresses in an integrated way, efficiency is complemented by low costs. Companies that adopt this understanding have facilitated the gathering of multiple logistics activities under a single roof, and at the same time, they have taken control by ensuring that businesses are managed from one place. In this way, it is aimed to reduce the workloads of both companies and customers. The frequently asked question "What are integrated logistics services?" It can be summarized in this way.

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    Integrated Logistics Support System

    The integrated logistics support system is one of the systems that help to use the available resources with the highest level of efficiency, long-lasting systems and reduces costs.

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    Integrated logistics support is very effective in many logistics processes such as not only transporting the product but also organizing the supply chain most efficiently and obtaining the documents required in transportation. We, as Globelink Ünimar, provide effective logistics support in Turkey and abroad.

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    Customs Services

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    Regardless of the sector of the customer, we determine the customs processes of the country where the goods will be delivered and take precautions against possible problems. The customs services, which we consider to be an important part of the logistics process, are completed practically and healthily with integrated transportation. The services we provide as Globelink Ünimar are as follows;

    The document flow at the customs points is completed in the most accurate way and the perfect delivery of the goods

    Giving information to customers about all legal obligations

    In addition to the results brought by the customs legislation and regulations, offering various suggestions to the customer

    To ensure the fastest and practical completion of the transportation processes during the import or export

    Providing both time and cost advantages as a result of fast completion of the transactions

    Controlling the export and import process in free zones

    In addition to informing customers about the whole process, establishing mutual trust bases

    Rigorous completion of all transactions

    Cross-Dock Transportation

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    It is aimed to eliminate stocking and create a less costly structure. In traditional methods, companies ship all products for storage in the warehouses after completing production. The products waiting in the warehouses are placed on the shelves, and when the time comes for sale, all the documents are completed, made ready for order and packaged.

    Any transaction from the warehouse to where it is shipped creates a serious cost for companies. Their company may only have to switch to larger warehouses, even for stockpiling. Intending to reduce the above-mentioned procedures, we only focus on goods acceptance, holding and shipping processes through cross-shipment. A maximum of 24 hours of standby time reduces costs by minimizing long-term use of the warehouse. Various procedures such as knowing the day of production completion, organizing shipment processes in advance, and carrying them most efficiently are included in the integrated logistics support plan. There are some prerequisites to be considered for cross-shipment. These conditions are;

    Partnership requirements:

    All stakeholders who prefer the cross-shipment system receive a full commitment and are also advised to follow the process entirely.

    Good communication between stakeholders:

    Correct communication is extremely important for cross-shipment processes to proceed most efficiently. The flow of information between stakeholders should be fast and accurate. For example, Wall-Mart, which is one of the world-famous companies, has developed a satellite communication system to send data to its thousands of suppliers at the same time.

    Managing the complexities experienced during the operation process:

    The situations that may arise as a result of the reduction of material stocks, which is one of the main objectives of cross-shipment, should be managed in the best way. It is of great importance that all departments work in an organized manner to avoid any disruption to the material flow. Cross shipment applications are made in 3 different ways. These applications are as follows;
    1. Cross shipment application: Pre-determining where the materials will be sent
    2. Cross-shipment application: Predefined cross-shipment operator application 3. Cross-shipment application: Post-determined cross-shipment operator application What should be known before choosing from cross-shipping applications is whether the delivery location of the product is known. If it is known where the product will go, 1st cross shipment can be applied, the planning process is done at the supplier. The supplier completes planning by creating multiple pallets that should be present at the final delivery point. In other cases, the pallets are prepared according to the 2nd or 3rd cross shipment applications and the process is completed.

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    International Integrated Logistics Distribution Service

    We aim to complete the logistic process most healthily to expand the customer's market volume and increase awareness abroad. We plan to leave the country without damaging the goods, always prepared for possible risks.

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    Bonded and Duty-Free Storage Services

    We aim to meet the services related to bonded storage service or duty-free storage service, which are all products that can be stored freely, in line with customer demands.
    All risks that may arise at product entry and exit should be determined in advance and customer satisfaction should be maximized. The determination of the storage conditions needed by the product and the provision of storage anywhere in the world is one of the duties of the integrated logistics services operation process. As Globelink Ünimar, we also provide criteria such as a 7/24 protected private camera system, detection of hygienic environments.

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    Value-Added Services

    As Globelink Ünimar, we offer value-added services with our extensive network and knowledge, trying to increase the success of the customer's supply chain. Value-added services include advantages such as maintaining the workflow most efficiently and improving inventory management.

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    According to the customer's production plan;

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    Packaging services

    (Common packaging, wrapping, etc.),

    Labeling and placing a price tag

    Product control

    Quality control

    Sequencing and intermediate assembly services



    (sewing, laser processing, etc.)

    Handling services

    Packaging services


    We offer additional services such as placement

    to the customer for the most accurate completion of the logistics process.

    Integrated Logistics Services

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