From China to Turkey Through the New Silk Road
  • March 3, 2021
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Globelink Ünimar’s first console freight that departed from China through the modern Silk Road arrived in Turkey via railway.

Globelink Ünimar continues to diversify its services by focusing on reliability, flexibility and quality. The first console freight that departed from China through the Silk Road Economic Belt, which constitutes the Belt Road Project’s road leg known as the modern Silk Road, arrived in Turkey via railway. The train, which departed from Xi’an province of China, arrived in Köseköy, İzmit on 1 September 2020, after a 52-hour journey.

“We Will Offer New Alternatives in Transportation to Our Customers in 2021”

Globelink Ünimar Strategy and Business Development Manager Mr. Uygar Sül stated that the freight prices which have shown a steady increase in recent times reached record levels with the COVID-19 and this situation puts rail transportation in the foreground. Mr. Sül told that it emerged as an ideal alternative, especially for transporting medical devices shipped from China to Europe.

Mr. Sül said: “The pandemic has proved that rail transport is a steady and reliable transport mode.” He also pointed out that despite the irregularities experienced in operations due to the deficiencies in service and procedural infrastructure, rail transport will stand out in certain product groups to gain from transit time and added: “We can at least say that it will have a share of approximately 5 percent of the Eurasian traffic.” Stating that they made their first shipments in terms of partial transportation in 2020, Mr. Sül continued as follows: “Although it provides advantages only for certain product groups, we will introduce freight and transit time alternatives that we can expand with our customers in 2021. We anticipate that train operations will become more efficient with the increase in bilateral import-export volumes. The New Silk Road is a project heavily funded by the Chinese government. Although freight rates have fallen in the last two years, costs are not transparent for rail transport. This is certainly due to subsidies. The interest in the OBOR project will gradually increase due to lack of equipment/containers in maritime transport and space problems on ships, particularly. At this point, we are ready to serve as Globelink Ünimar.”

You can visit the company’s website for the value-added rail services of Globelink Ünimar, which thousands of companies prefer safely, and you can get a price offer through the “get a quote” module.


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