Globelink Ünimar Has Opened Its 10th Office in Adana
  • November 24, 2021
  • News

Globelink Ünimar will offer its customers on-site and faster service with its tenth office opened at Adana Airport.

Globelink Ünimar, one of the leading logistics companies in Turkey with the reliable, fast and flexible solutions it offers, opened its tenth office in Adana in Turkey.

Globelink Ünimar will be in close contact with the entire region, especially the Mediterranean and Southeastern Region with the office it opened in Adana Airport and will deliver its multiple integrated logistics services to its customers in the region. Aiming to further strengthen its relations with the existing customers in the region with its new office in Adana, Globelink Ünimar also plans to reach new customers.

Globelink Ünimar will meet the national and international, air, sea, road and integrated logistics demands of its customers in multiple ways with its Mersin office operating in the region and its newly opened Adana office. Globelink Ünimar, which opened its third airport branch with its Adana office, will carry out many operations on-site and faster thanks to this office; such as taking export cargo to the field with the customs, establishing a connection with the customs officials, arrangement the bill of lading, approval of declarations to be given to the customs.

Aiming to develop logistics solutions in line with the needs of its customers in the region, Globelink Ünimar intends to contribute more to the commerce in the region with more than 25 years of experience in the sector.

For all your logistics demands, you can visit Globelink Ünimar’s website and get a price quote with a single click through the “get offer” module.

Our Activities in Adana District were Awarded by Turkish Cargo

Globelink Ünimar Airfreight Manager Ms. Banu Mankut stated that Globelink Ünimar continues its investments in order to provide a full range of logistics services to its customers on the path it set out with the vision of an integrated logistics solution partner and she stated that the latest investment was made in Adana. She said: “Adana is not an unfamiliar city to Globelink Ünimar, we have always been aware of its airfreight potential. We wanted to improve the services we offer in a more concentrated manner to the whole region, especially Adana, by expanding our field of activity in perishable cargo shipments and other sectors. With these efforts, we were granted the “Most Developing Agency of the Year” award by Turkish Cargo in the Adana region. This award gave us a strong motivation and with this motivation, we opened our 10th office in Turkey in Adana Airport cargo terminal in March. We are waiting for the valuable demands of our customers for all airfreight shipments.”


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