• January 25, 2021
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Globelink Ünimar has expanded the diameter of its cross-border operations with its ECCD Certificate, aims to provide its customers with fast, dynamic and highly competitive solutions and to offer new markets.

Achieving success in airline, road and sea transportation; Globelink Ünimar, carries on the triangle of efficiency, satisfaction and speed to all areas of the logistics industry, including cold chain and food services and storage activities, started to offer micro export services to its customers with the Electronic Commerce Customs Declaration (ECCD) certificate.

Globelink Ünimar, which makes it a priority to build the integrated logistics services it provides to its customers as a whole, makes exporting abroad as easy as domestic transporting and increasing the share of the customers in existing markets and aim to provide them with new markets with ECCD.

Operating and improving the “fast shipping” operations and wide agency network with customer satisfaction increasing at the fastest way Globelink Ünimar, aims to be one of Turkey’s few leading logistics companies in micro-export, fast shipping and e-commerce operations in 2020-2021 period.

“We Plan to Be in All Areas of e-commerce”

Emphasizing that the main advantage of ECCD license is to further strengthen the fast shipping system they have, Globelink Ünimar Strategy and Business Development Manager Uygar Sül says that they aim to transform this advantage into a structure that can be used for their customers.

Stating that global trade is getting more and more functional with a digital infrastructure every day, Sül states that it is essential for manufacturers to reach distant markets in the fastest way in a competitive system and adds, “At this point, working with a logistics service provider is very important in terms of turning speed into tangible profit.
“New products, distribution and marketing techniques, the concept of ‘consumer satisfaction’, intermediaries and workforce profiles are the changes brought by e-commerce. With these changes, logistics should renew itself in terms of automation and artificial intelligence as well as digitalization. As Globelink Ünimar, we plan to be involved in all processes with this change.”


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