It is the Combination of Knowledge and Technology that Creates Added Value

Drawing attention to the fact that information capital will continue to maintain its importance, as usual, Selçuk Uray underlines that despite the unstoppable progress of technology, the real added value for companies will be provided by the combination of information and technology.

Globelink Ünimar Financial Director and Executive Committee Member Mr. Selçuk Uray, who points out that technology strengthens its existence as a determinant in the struggle between companies in the understanding of the new order, say that they build their projections about the new period on this inevitable reality. Noting that they have started to quicken their steps in order to offer a more digital, more secure and sustainable system to their customers by strengthening their technological infrastructure with the new period after the pandemic, Mr. Uray states that the virtual POS payment system they have put into use as of this year is one of these steps.

The uncertainty created by the pandemic has caused us to be more cautious. Which headings will Globelink Ünimar’s direct its financial action plans to with the new period in this case?

The fact that the COVID-19 pandemic went beyond a health crisis and turned into an economic crisis has created great uncertainties and difficulties for both companies and governments, and these problems still persist. We, as Globelink Ünimar, drew our own roadmap in the face of this multifaceted crisis and tried to minimize the risks to our company, our customers and our suppliers, especially the health of our employees.

We made a detailed analysis for our customers and suppliers with the Credit and Risk Department, which is one of the operational units we have implemented in this direction, and contributed to their management of possible risks on the basis of schedule and to progress in a sustainable structure. It is also of great importance for our sustainability policy that our customers and suppliers continue their processes without any problems.

The pandemic also caused a liquidity squeeze and cash flow problem on behalf of both markets and companies. We strengthened the cash intake and liquidity flow with the fund we transferred from the company’s equity capital to the working capital in order to face this problem. By doubling our non-cash limits, we keep them ready for any uncertainty. Despite the important developments in vaccination studies and the relatively stable exchange rates, the high level of uncertainty causes us to maintain our meticulous liquidity.

As Globelink Ünimar, we will continue to achieve better and make a difference by providing new technologies to our employees, one of our most important components

In addition to these steps we have taken, we have helped our customers restructure their finances by making our current payment table more flexible, so we tried to support the financial problems they face in the face of the problems caused by the pandemic crisis.

Supporting suppliers and customers is the most important part of our action plan. For this reason, as a company based on customer satisfaction, we continued to act by considering them in every step we took. We continue to be prepared for both ourselves and our partners against any negativity and crisis that may occur at any time with the financial reports that we prepare on a weekly and monthly basis and follow up continuously.

In this period, it has become usual for all areas to turn to digital more in order to manage the process and stay strong in the system. What is your roadmap related to financial digitalization, what kind of innovations have you applied?

Technology has become important for us as it is for all industries and businesses in the new era, we will prioritize technology in our action plan for the new era and beyond because it is now a fact that being flexible and dynamic can only be possible with technology. In addition to sustainable growth and profitability, you need to strengthen your technological infrastructure to stay in a more competitive form. The pandemic has clearly demonstrated the importance of digitalization in managing, predicting and calculating all kinds of risks, and we know that companies that cannot adapt to this mental and technological transformation will struggle to exist in the medium term.

We have moved most of our physical work to the virtual environment in direct proportion to all developments and transformed the process into an easier and uninterrupted system for both ourselves and our customers. Thus, we have aimed to reduce costs bilaterally while enabling access to the service at the desired time and place.

One of the most important systems we put into use in this process has been the virtual collection method. With this application that we have implemented together with Netahsilat, we have created a smooth and easy collection/payment area for our company and our customers by integrating many systems.

What kind of financial integration does the system provide for Globelink Ünimar? Which capabilities of Globelink Ünimar will it increase more?

The virtual payment system, which we switched to by evaluating the demands we received from our customers, enabled us to overcome the access difficulties we experienced due to COVID-19 in the first place.

As Globelink Ünimar, unconditional customer satisfaction constitutes our basic philosophy. The most important factors behind the growth of our company, which has left a quarter-century behind in the sector, are the flexible and reliable service we offer and the facilitating systems we implement, as well as the success of our employees. The virtual collection implementation has already started to have an important place in the systems we have put into use. 

With this system, Globelink Ünimar, which has a wide supplier and customer network, has both provided an opportunity for faster collection and cash flow by gathering all the payment network under a single roof and created an area where its customers can easily pay in installments, by skipping payments and through mobile or e-mail. The virtual pos payment platform, which is a fast and practical solution suitable for market dynamics and variables for our customers, also facilitates the follow-up process for customers and the main company, as well. It is possible to follow financial processes and information flow through a single system.

We have created a smooth and easy collection/payment area for our company and our customers by integrating many systems with the virtual collection application we have implemented with Netahsilat

The virtual pos, which will help us reduce our accounts receivable turnover rate considerably we successfully integrated into Globelink Ünimar’s ecosystem, will allow us to take more specific steps by increasing the accuracy of our cash flow reports, thanks to the data it can process. This is a situation that strengthens our hand for the economic decisions and investments we will make.

Contact-free systems have started to gain importance all over the world due to the pandemic. Virtual POS also eliminates human traffic and ensures the safe progress of the system. As a requirement of the developing world, we think that the virtual pos system will develop further, replace many document-based transactions and further reduce the burden on businesses and customers.

Do you have a plan to commission new innovative systems in line with the demands of the new normal in the near future?

Developing our IT infrastructure and information systems in a way to provide faster solutions in line with the needs of the new era is one of the important topics of our agenda for 2021 and beyond. Safe, transparent and fast communication and the innovations to be brought in the name of the process and environment will make your business processes more uninterrupted, as well as make you differentiate from other service providers and become more visible to customers.

It seems inevitable that technological activities will replace many physical transactions in the new order where the economic system is in change and transformation. However, information will continue to be as important as ever. What is important here is to be able to combine these technological innovations with intellectual capital.

Making a difference and growing in the new economic order will arise from the combination of advanced knowledge and added value created by innovative technologies. As Globelink Ünimar, we will continue to achieve better by providing these technologies to our employees, one of our most important components.

What would you like to add finally?

The pandemic and the accompanying changes have shown us that when you improve the remote working conditions and requirements, we can produce very efficient work. This will further develop the remote working system in our industry, as in many other industries and make it permanent, if not completely, after the new normalization.

As I have mentioned before, although technology alone is a very powerful actor, it is the combination of technology and knowledge that reveals added value and differentiation. Therefore, it will be useful to re-evaluate the concepts of corporate culture and company values and to redefine the concepts of employee and management. All these variables will naturally reshape the financial ecosystem and naturally the payment systems.

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