Globelink Ünimar Has Strengthened Its Digital Infrastructure with Siber

Globelink Ünimar has made its digital infrastructure more functional and powerful by collaborating with Siber Yazılım. Globelink Ünimar will manage customer, supplier and in-house operations on a single screen, thanks to this cooperation.

Meeting the local and global logistics demands with its fast, flexible and reliable service understanding with its 10 offices and wide agency network in Turkey, Globelink Ünimar has made many investments in the past 27 years in order to further develop this understanding and keep customer satisfaction at the highest level. Globelink Ünimar, which has intensified its investments in this direction due to the digitalization of life and rapid advancement of technology in recent years, has recently cooperated with Siber Yazılım, one of the leading software solutions companies in the sector.

Strengthening its digital infrastructure with the programs and integrations of Siber Yazılım, Globelink Ünimar will now manage customer, supplier and in-house operations on a single screen.

Siber Yazılım will provide Globelink Ünimar with the management of operations in all transport modes, as well as vehicle and equipment tracking, warehouse management, finance, accounting and human resources programs. It will also provide time and cost advantages with its programs that facilitate the way of doing business.

Our Investments in Digitalization and Technology Will Continue

Globelink Ünimar Founding Partner Mr. Cihan Yusufi delivered a speech about cooperation and said: “We attach great importance to our cooperation with Siber Yazılım. We continue to benefit from digital developments at the highest level in order to ensure the flawless functioning of the supply chain and management. Being able to manage our logistics operations from anywhere in a sustainable, uninterrupted and efficient manner will put us one step ahead of the competition. As a company that provides integrated logistics solutions to our stakeholders all over the world, we will continue our investments in digitalization and technology from now on.

In addition to our cooperation with Siber Yazılım, we have started to offer our customers the opportunity to make payment by credit card quickly and securely from wherever they want through the virtual POS payment system that we have commissioned by collecting the entire payment network under a single system.

Cİhan Yusufİ: “As a company that provides our stakeholders with integrated logistics solutions all over the world, we will continue to invest in digitalization and technology.”

Along with the blockchain opportunities that can be used in the field of e-logistics, the services we offer to our customers such as shipment tracking and creating online offers on our website are at the top of the digitalization activities we have started and planned.

Mr. Yusufi also added: “While continuing our activities with an understanding of unconditional customer satisfaction, we will continue to invest in digitalization and technology that will contribute to producing fast, reliable and flexible solutions that will make the lives of our stakeholders easier.”

Remote Working has Become Easier and More Systemic

Siber Yazılım CEO Mr. Kenan Çelik, on the other hand, mentioned the increasing importance of logistics during the pandemic and stated that they focused on digitalization in order to make logistics more functional.

Mr. Çelik said: “Being chosen by a logistics company which has a global partnership and attaches importance to digitalization and solution demonstrates the power of national logistics software as well as our success.” He also delivered the following statement regarding the cooperation that began during the pandemic: “In this period when remote working has become a necessity, we trained more than 300 users about the use of our programs online and helped them use these programs without any problems. Thanks to the efficiency of our software, remote working has become easier and more systematic.”


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