Globelink Group Annual Conference Has Been Organized in Istanbul
  • January 25, 2021
  • News

Globelink Ünimar hosted Globelink Group Annual Conference, which Globelink Group organizes traditionally in a different country every year, in Istanbul. 175 guests from over 30 countries attended the event, in which the 25th anniversary of Globelink Ünimar was also celebrated.

Globelink Group Annual Conference, which is organized in a different country of the world every year and where dozens of participants come together, was held in Istanbul on October 21-25, 2019.

Attended by 175 participants from over 30 countries, the event was held at Hilton Istanbul Bomonti Hotel’s Conference Center. The conference started with the opening speeches of Globelink Group Executive Chairman CW Tan and Globelink Group CEO Mr. Daniel Tok on Monday, October 21. Market trends, business opportunities, and developments were discussed in the event, as it is done every year.

The 25-Year Journey of Globelink Ünimar

The traditional organization, in which Globelink Ünimar’s collaboration with its partners was strengthened and new business opportunities were discussed, was organized in Istanbul since the company celebrated its 25th anniversary.
The guests were informed about how the company developed in 25 years and contributed to the sector in the organization, which referred to Globelink Ünimar’s quarter-century journey, with the images and videos that had been prepared.

Globelink Ünimar co-founders Mr. Cihan Yusufi and Mr. Uğurhan Kiçki, who delivered a speech for the participants at the gala dinner, thanked the participants and the supporters of the programme. The participants presented the gifts they brought along to celebrate Globelink Ünimar’s 25th anniversary to Mr. Yusufi and Mr. Kiçki.

The Historical Importance of Istanbul Was Mentioned

Turkish culture and the historical importance of Istanbul were also mentioned at the conference. The guests were served Turkish foods. Dance ensembles performed a visual show with traditional performances. The organization ended with a tour of the symbolic places of Istanbul such as Hagia Sophia Museum, Topkapı Palace and Sultanahmet.

“Globelink Ünimar is a Brand Growing with Its Partners”

Globelink Ünimar Agent Pricing & Trade Lane Development Manager Mr. Bora Zorlu, who spoke about the 25th-anniversary celebration and the Annual Conference, stated that this year’s event had a greater meaning than the others since a quarter-century had passed. Bora Zorlu thanked everyone who contributed to the organization in his speech, continued as follows: “Hosting our guests in Istanbul on such a special anniversary has brought us a different responsibility and happiness. Especially, getting nice feedbacks from every participant without exception after the meeting has made us even more proud.”

Mr. Bora Zorlu, who said “The fact that this annual event is both reinforcing our relations and friendship with our business partners and guiding us in line with our new goals encourages us to do better each year.”, pointed out that Globelink Ünimar was a brand moving forward with the aim of growth with all its partners.

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