• January 25, 2021
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Globelink Ünimar has carried the training it provides to its employees for business and personal development to Ünimar Academy, which is a digital platform.

Globelink Ünimar, which advances by always prioritizing training, has stepped into a new system which is a new formation to be accessed by its employees regardless of time and place while enjoying the pleasure of limitless training by leaving the classical understanding of training behind.

Ünimar Academy, which has been created with all needs in mind, consists of three different categories under the titles of ‘Faculty of Leadership’, ‘Faculty of Sales’ and ‘Faculty of Continuous Development’. The contents, which have a range of topics encouraging lifelong development, ranging from “Safe Behavior Development Training” to “Becoming a Parent in the 21st Century.”

Globelink Ünimar Human Resources Director Mr. Levent Terzi, who states that they have observed the importance of internal and external training processes as a result of the studies, says: “Designed with the new generation learning methods that we have prepared with the awareness that 70% of our employees are formed by Generation Y, Ünimar Academy is not only an educational platform but it also has a living and developing structure in which information can be shared. Our employees can make in-house announcements, event plans, travel routes and all such social sharing via the Academy.”

Globelink Ünimar Has Met with the Students of Uludağ University
July 8, 2021

Globelink Ünimar Has Met with the Students of Uludağ University

Globelink Ünimar Bursa Branch Manager Ms. Ebru Toygar Bulut,

Support for Education on Women’s Day
July 6, 2021

Support for Education on Women’s Day

Globelik Ünimar, which increases its activities day by day